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Top 5 Insurance Companies for Condo Insurance in Los Angeles:

We work with many types of insurance companies to help and provide you the best condo insurance in Los Angeles. These top five and well known insurance companies all share the basic coverage of condo insurance such as protection within and outside of your condo, personal belonging, and liability. But each of them stands out in one way or another; below are the top Insurance Companies for Condo Insurance:
Farmers: Farmers Condo Insurance is a great choice for condo insurance; they follow the standard coverage of condo policy and provide additional coverage for: protection of your identity, replacement costs and coverage towards your prized possessions.
Travelers: Travelers Condo Insurance offers a wide variety of packages within their policies and offers great premiums. These packages include: Personal Property packages, Loss Assessment Coverage, Optional Property Packages and much more.
Nationwide: Nationwide’s Condo Insurance policy is a great choice for insuring your Condo. They offer many benefits including the basic coverage for condo insurance and allow you to save on your condo insurance by combining your auto and home policies and start saving 20% on condo insurance.
Kemper: Kemper Condo Insurance policy offers blanket coverage, meaning they cover and protect personal losses and also covers your condo from different perils such as fire, theft, vandalism and other types of losses all in one policy.
Safeco: Safeco’s condo insurance policy is a great choice for insuring your condo but only covers the owner of the condominium. As they offer the standard condo insurance coverage; Safeco provides an additional coverage options for: recovering your identity for only $1 a month and offers a “Safeco Package” that combines your condo and auto policies and allows this to settle for only 1 deductible.